Pool remodeling


Pool remodeling

Hixon Pool Repair specializes in Florida pool remodeling. From the coping around the edge to the finish on the bottom, we can change every aspect of your swimming pool. We can add spas, fountains, and water features to give your swimming pool a completely new feel. We can even install a mosaic in your pool to make it completely unique. No pool remodeling job is too big or too small for our skilled artisans.

We offer

  • Pool Refinishing
  • Pool Decking
  • Spa installation
  • Pump replacement
  • Coping edging
  • Fountain installation
  • Swimming Pool heaters
  • Mosaic application
  • Salt chlorine purification systems
  • And more!

AquaCal Pool Heaters

We install only the finest AquaCal spa and pool heaters. AquaCal HeatWave's state-of-the-art technology grants their heat pumps unprecedented efficiency, giving your pool heat for less than half the price of the next most efficient type of pool heater. We offer all models of AquaCal pool heaters for installation, including HeateWave Super Quiet and TropiCal. No matter how cold your pool gets, an AquaCal heat pump can warm it up quickly and cheaply!


Pool Pilot® Digital Salt Chlorine Generator

Pool Pilot® Digital salt chlorine generators can free you from the burden and expense of traditional pool chlorination. With a Pool Pilot® Digital, your pool water will be pure and soft-feeling, without chlorine's harsh effects. You can't even taste the salt!

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